"Assiettes contre la faim", organized by the HEAR and the humanitarian organization Action against hunger, is an auction and an artistic event where 42 artists where invited to designed and/ or to paint a ceramic plate. I am happy to have the oportunity to participate at this event with my new design project "Manger équilibré"// Eat-well or balanced eating. 50 works by

Tableland was exhibit between 03/04/2017 to 28/04/2017 at Council of Europe in Strasbourg France. The project has been selected for 2017 exhibition in one of the exhibition areas within the Council of Europe, after participating to a competition. Photos: TAG by Teona

Glass Exhibition Motif/ Motif in collaboration with Atelier Glass at HEAR.More about the project here*In collaboration with Mathilde Rébillard

Ensemble c'est tout- Delice de l'hiver Exhibition -Alsatian Museum 2014-2015 This work was presented at the Alsatian Museum exhibition "Les delices de l'hiver" from November 2014 to January 2015. The public had the opportunity to elect the best project presented and I had the chance to see my project selected. This project  is now part of the Alsatian Museum's collection and it will remain