Contemplate nature


Enjoy the show created by nature!

This water bottle design is a poetic object inspired by the nature which will make us stop for a moment and reflect...Contemplate nature.

Contemplate Nature is a water bottle designed to highlight and celebrate the essential things in life: water and light! Things as shadow, or light reflection for example, might not exist to us unless light make it possible.

Contemplate Nature is a normal water bottle which has a colored and patterned layer, shaped from the waves of the water and inspired by different movements of the water. 

The beautiful aspects about glass are its main properties: being 100% recyclable, healthy and responsible, but more than that its aesthetics are impressive! 

What is special about this design is the glass material and its properties; in this case the patterned and colored layer, which will be help to create a beautiful and magic moment. When a source of light is projected through the glass bottle and the water, results the caustics effects. A shiny pattern will be created on the surface where the bottle is posed...

This is the moment of celebration, the moment when we should stop for a moment and observe, reflect and cherish the precious things we are surrounded by and part of which we are, the planet earth!