Kuvio lamp design

Wall Lamp

Working with light, colors and patterns

This object is inspired by the technique often used in photography “think inside the box,” the frame that attracts attention; with a very simple geometric form, that allows us to highlight something. This wall lamp allows us to observe the transformation of an object with the use of light.

A patterned shadow, inspired by our environment and only visible when the lamp is lit, is cast onto the wall behind it.

*This project is part of a collection of three poetic objects, inspired by nature, that will highlight the light, the perception of color and the reflection of light. Pause and reflect …

The purpose is to highlight and celebrate the essential things of life, in this case the light. Things like shadow, color or light reflection for example, might not exist for us if the light did not allow it

Kuvio lamp design

Indoor lamp  wall lamp

Materials: metal; paper

Techniques: metal: laser cutting, welding

Project in collaboration with Leah K.S Amick