L’art de la table


L’ART DE LA TABLE -The table as a new field of experimentations

Observations and challenges

Nutrition is essential for living and food has always been a symbol of life; But eating that food has become a daily, repetitive and sometimes banal activity. This project questions the relationship between humans, their environment and objects that are part of that environment.

Table setting, a scene where food is celebrated.

This series of objects is intended to bring a touch of originality onto our table and into our houses, while improving the culinary experience in a poetic and emotional way.

These objects awaken the senses and highlight those things that may seem insignificant in our daily lives, but which are in fact essential for life. They become a display for our food can be seen as an art installation.

L’art de la table is a collection of multipurpose objects ideal for both serving or displaying. They can be mixed and match in different ways and they will always work together.

This project is part of Pause and reflect a collection of poetic objects inspired by nature and intended to highlight the essential things in life (light, water or nutrition).

The collection of objects become a display and their purpose is to change they way of looking at food.

In my work I am exploring different ways to highlight the essential things in life. The intention with Pause and reflect is to make us stop for a moment, reflect on our actions and appreciate more what we have.

This project is produced in collaboration with Mudshark Studios in Portland Oregon.

IDS Vancouver Prototype 2019 winner

L'art de la table 2 small.png

Plate design 

Dimensions: small plate Ø250mm; dinner plate Ø300mm

Multi purpose container 

Suggestions for use: tableware, preservation or decoration. 

high container; low container; lid/plate

Dimensions: 220x 135 mm 

Multi purpose bowl 

Suggestions for use: mixing bowl, saucier etc. 

Dimensions: 100x130 mm