Les Monocles


See With the Mind’s Eye

«Framing draws attention to a particular part of our composition»

S’arrêter ! Contempler ! Se souvenir !

A collection of poetic wearable objects, inspired by a technique often used in photography-the frame that attracts attention (“Think inside the box”).Les monocles are symbolic objects designed to highlight something we like. They encourage us to take look at something in a more attentive, more concentrated, wiser way.

Our life is an experience, part of the nature, but as we progress, we forget more and more to look towards nature and the environment around us. We live in a time when the average day involves the experience of thousands of factors that draw our attention. Today a person sees on average as many images in a day as the same person in a lifetime two centuries ago. When we see something we like, we have forged the habit of taking a picture which made me question either we enjoy the moment or not.

This collection of objects is a reflection on how the eye embraces a landscape and a reflection on the framing system with the aim of creating a memory image, but this time not a digital one but a mental one.

While the objects are designed by taking into consideration the principles of balance, the aspect of the stop in this case is necessary because Les monocles require our full attention when used.

The elegant and delicate aspect of these objects is inspired by objects such as the monocle, the nose clip and the glasses.

With the impressive evolution of technology, I consider it’s important to design objects that preserve the connection with our environment, it is important to learn to look towards what surrounds us, towards nature, towards our environment, because this is where we come from, with this we must live with and it is by looking at it and perhaps by doing less or doing otherwise, that we can live in a more harmonious way.

This collection of objects will make us stop for a moment, look to our environment and reflect on our actions.