Manger équilibré

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Ceramic Plate

Today hunger is still one of our biggest problems and there are so many countries where most of the population is undernourished. In a world where on one hand the technology is advancing very fast, on the other hand 800 million people continue to go to sleep hungry every night and 8,000 children die every day because of undernutrition. The nutrition is essential for living and food was always a symbol of life. Today in well-developed countries, food search is no longer a concern, except in extreme situations. “Eating is a daily, repetitive and banal activity that we do not think of, but it never becomes automatic and monotonous, because beyond eating, the act has multiple conscious or unconscious functions … “

Manger équilibré (eat-well or balanced eating) is a plate that has its own balance; A plate that requires all our attention when we eat. The food has to be well organized on the plate to maintain the balance of it. This object attracts our attention because we have to “eat balanced”. The purpose of this plate is to focus our attention on the action of eating, to appreciate what we have on our plates and to remember that the hunger is still a big problem in this world.

This project was made in the Atelier Céramique at HEAR, Strasbourg France and it was designed and donated for the Artistic event for the Organization Action against the hunger.

manger equilibre
manger equilibre