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L’art de la table

Table setting, a scene where food is celebrated.

Maisema 1.jpg


An abstract image, a memory, inspired by the Oregon environment, is created on a fabric

Umbra 2018 
This lamp showcases the game of shadow patterns inspired by the ridged and layered landscape that surrounds us.

Three light sources projected through a textured, opaque surface result in a repeating, overlapping shadow effect, cast on the wall.

Inspired by the design of this landscape that surrounds us, the landscape of Oregon, this lamp invites us to enjoy this show created by light and shadow…an emotion.

Materials: Metal / Paper / Fabric
Designed in collaboration with @leahksamick .
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Game of shadow patterns inspired by the ridged and layered landscape that surrounds us.

Working with light, colors and patterns

This object is inspired by the technique often used in photography “think inside the box,” the frame that attracts attention; with a very simple geometric form, that allows us to highlight something. This wall lamp allows us to observe the transformation of an object with the use of light.

A patterned shadow, inspired by our environment and only visible when the lamp is lit, is cast onto the wall behind it. *This project is part of a collection of three poetic objects, inspired by nature, that will highlight the light, the perception of color and the reflection of light. Pause and reflect …

The purpose is to highlight and celebrate the essential things of life, in this case the light. Things like shadow, color or light reflection for example, might not exist for us if the light did not allow it.

Indoor lamp  wall lamp
Materials: metal; paper
Techniques: metal: laser cutting, welding

Project in collaboration with @leahksamick .
#industrialdesign #design #lampdesign #shadow #lightreflection #productdesign #lamp #wallamp
#productdesign #industrial #architecture  #3D #CAD #rendering #art #materialresearch #designer #art #inspiration #home #paper #decor #creative #photography #productdesign #instadesign #lightdesigner #studioflore #industrialdesigner


This wall lamp allows us to observe the transformation of an object with the use of light.


Les monocles

Les monocles are symbolic objects designed to highlight something we like. They encourage us to take look at something in a more attentive, more concentrated, wiser way.



This object is achieved from the traditional form of the roly-poly toy for children. The rounded seat allows to find the balance point and keep a straight posture.



Assembly of plates inspired by the natural form that soil takes when it is dried. The plates questions our relationship to the soil, can also refer to a notion of mapping, because the table.



Designed from the gesture and the pleasure of tasting. It is not only the pleasure of tasting, it is also the banality of the gesture.

art contre la faim

Manger équilibré /Action against hunger

Manger équilibré (eat-well or balanced eating) is a plate that has its own balance


Imagine your landscape II

This project traces the roots of an Alsatian Christmas tradition of Advent.



Lucia is a bright object that creates a scene when illuminated.


Reflecting lights

The patterns that emerged as a results of the burned wood mold.



Paper light lamp



A magazine holder designed for the coffee shops for displaying the magazines.


Contemplate nature

Contemplate Nature is a water bottle designed to highlight and celebrate the essential things in life: water and light!


Les archipels et îles flottants

Global Warming art-object.

Installation in Strasbourg, France.


imagine your landscape

Setting the table with a decorative object during Advent.


L Lamp

Reading lamp


Ensemble c’est tout

Christmas cookie cutters