umbra lamp


This project  showcases the game of shadow patterns inspired by the ridged and layered landscape that surrounds us.

Three light sources projected through a textured, opaque surface result in a repeating, overlapping shadow effect, cast on the wall.

Inspired by the design of this landscape that surrounds us, the landscape of Oregon, this lamp invites us to enjoy this show created by light and shadow…an emotion.

*This project is part of a collection of three poetic objects, inspired by nature, that will highlight the light, the perception of color and the reflection of light. Pause and reflect …

The purpose is to highlight and celebrate the essential things of life, in this case the light. Things like shadow, color or light reflection for example, might not exist for us if the light did not allow it.


Materials: Metal / Paper / Fabric

Techniques: laser cutting, welding

Light: LED

Project in collaboration with Leah K.S. Amick