About Studio Flore

Studio Flore is a young design studio focusing on innovative product, furniture and lighting design. With its roots in European design, Studio Flore was founded by Irina Flore and is now based in Portland, Oregon working for a diverse range of international clients.

Irina Flore is a product designer with a B.A. and M.A. in Design and Fine Arts from Haute École des Arts du Rhin in Strasbourg France; Before studying design she graduated from West University of Timișoara, obtaining a B.A. in Communication back from her home country, Romania.

While still studying, she started working as a freelance designer and she was the assistant designer in the Studio Sebastian Herkner in Frankfurt, Germany. Here she worked for renowned companies such as: Pulpo productsDedonex-tKundalini lightningLobmeyrWallpaper Handmade 2017 ,Nya NordiskaVerreumLamy or Schönbuch. The designs she worked on were presented at design fairs such as Maison et Objet in Paris; IMM Cologne in Germany or Salone del Mobile in Milano, Italy.

She has experience in designing high quality products, working with different technologies and technics, while collaborating with workshops, manufacturers and companies.

Fascinated by her surroundings and inspired by nature, she works in a constant research on patterns, textures and shapes, focusing on the importance of designing objects that preserve the human connection with the environment. 

The passion and love that she puts into all her projects comes from the family examples that she had, growing up in a family of craftsman. Her father and grandfather were carpenters and she used to spend all her summers creating wood objects in their workshops to play with, so the hand work, craftsmanship and traditions are a valuable thing for her. 

Her education, diverse work experience but also her life experience as living and traveling in different cultures and countries are important aspects that define her everyday work.

With a deep interest in craftsmanship and technology she tries to understand how can design improve our daily life and still, to be part of this natural system without destroying it.

It is important to learn to look at what surrounds us, at nature, at our environment, because this is where we come from, here is where we must live, and perhaps by looking at it and perhaps by doing less or act differently, we can live in a more harmonious way.